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Curling is a great way to make new friends. It provides wonderful exercise, which can be as gentle or as strenuous as you wish to make it. The game is a stimulating game both mentally and physically. Curling is also great fun and the perfect way to pass those dreary winter months.

Anyone can curl, regardless of age or ability. Those who cannot get down into the crouch position can push the rock with a stick (like shuffle board).

Curling provides excellent flexibility to complement any schedule; our club offers day and night curling, with the ability to change which games you participate in each draw, and the ability to 'spare' to try out new games. Our club also offers a number of social non-curling events.

Before the season begins, there is a teaching clinic which novice curlers are expected to attend. There is also a practice week at the beginning of the season. Novices will also have a mentor appointed to them to guide them in the early days.

What to wear:

  1. Wear warm clothing: Outerwear should be synthetic to avoid 'shedding' on the ice surface.
  2. Footwear: a) Curling from the hack. You cannot wear regular street shoes on the ice. There are special curling shoes available which have one shoe which grips the ice and the other has a built-in slider. Alternatively, you can dedicate a pair of sneakers solely to curling, and then slip a slider over the relevant shoe when needed. These sliders are available for loan at the club, or you can buy your own.
  3. Footwear: b) Curling with a stick. Once again, you cannot wear street shoes on the ice. Either dedicate a pair of sneakers solely to curling or wear the special rubber grippers which are definitely the best as they provide maximum grip. These grippers slip over regular shoes. There are also special curling shoes available. Talk to someone knowledgeable before making a decision.

Where to obtain curling gear:

  • Meaford Curling Club
  • RAM Promotional, Owen Sound.  519-371-4638
  • Canadian Tire, Owen Sound, Collingwood
  • Source for Sports, Owen Sound
  • Play it Again Sports, Collingwood

On the ice:

  • To keep the game moving: when you are the next one to throw, as soon as the opposing team player has thrown his rock you should get your rock and move to the hack position.
  • When awaiting your turn, either to brush or throw, stand at or just behind the hog line, at the edge of the sheet, so as not to obscure the line of sight for other players.
  • Do not hold your broom in a crosswise direction that interferes with the line of sight of  other players.
  • When returning from brushing a rock, walk in single file along the edge of the sheet.
  • Strategy discussions are strictly between the skip and the vice. At such times maintain your position near the hog line, as before, unless called upon to do otherwise. This rule also applies when it is time to measure the rocks.
  • When it is time for the opposite team to throw, or hold a strategy discussion, the house should be vacated.
  • After the completion of an end, do not move any rocks until the all clear has been given by the vices.

If you are unable to be present at one of your games, it is your responsibility to find a spare. There is a list of people willing to do so on the schedule sheets. After finding a spare, advise your skip of the change.

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All members are expected to do some volunteer work, usually in either the bar or the kitchen.

Good curling!

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